My Bangla Radio


By Faruque Ahmed (Bachchu)

Let me very briefly summarise and analyse RADIO. Then I would discuss about the online radio. The radio was born in 1895. It was invented by an Italian physicist G. Marconi. In 1896 Marconi transmitted a telegraph signal from Italy to England. The following year thus in 1897 the British Marconi Company was established and began communicate between coast radio and ships on sea. In the beginning radio was regarded as novelty. However, in the beginning of 1901 very limited people use Morse code to send message to one other. In 1903 people used radiograms message transmitted via wireless. Furthermore, in 1906 first radio broadcast of voice and music was made. But only for a short distance. Later an American engineer R. Fessenden who made high frequency radio which was able to go further long distance. In 1916 first radio news broadcasted in America. In 1920 there were more than 500 radio stations in the USA. It was originally used as a source of evening family entertainment. Now it is a standard piece of equipment in every home and car. In the UK radio station started in 1922, in India 1927. Now I shall highlight about internet radio (online radio). The internet talk radio was started in 1993. It was invented by a technologist called Carl Malamud. He was the funder of internet multicasting service. The internet has given extreme power to the internet users. User do not need antenna or any equipment. User can hear/listen top music, news, dramas, talk radio and debates in radio. Internet radio/online radio is a medium for audio broadcasting that is similar in concept to traditional radio. The difference is that, as opposed to a standard AM, FM or SW radio. Internet radio is transmitted directly to computer via the internet. Internet radio takes advantage of technology. In the UK there are nearly a thousand internet radios. But there are not many Bangladeshi radio. According to my research/knowledge, the first UK Bangladeshi online radio is which starts November 2012 from Woking in England. Only now, in the UK in 2011, there is only a bangla radio station (Betar Bangla) which broadcast 24 hours on 1503 am. Listeners can hear online as well. But this is not specially for online radio only. Where as is the only first Bangla online radio for Bangladeshi community in the UK. We hope slowly some more Bangladeshi online radio would come in the UK. Which would give us more choices to listen and compare the standard and services? Digital online radio is much clear sound. Listeners can hear them from any where in the world as long as they have internet connection in their computer or mobile phone. To listen to the internet radio, one has to download the window media player or adobe flash player (downloading is free) to their computer or smart mobile phone. Once the download is done, then the listeners are able to listen the online radio from their computer or smart mobile. However, some computers already have these software’s installed in their computers. So, please check before downloading. is very new online radio for the Bengali community and it is in an amateur stage. A young, computer talented Bangladeshi man, Mr. Hasan, who took the great courage to start this online radio, It is a huge time consuming task. One needs to spend many hours arranging the schedules and its topics each day. It is a laborious task. I know how difficulties he would face each and every day. During my Honours and master degree in media and education in the UK, I have seen practically how hard these tasks are. Having ran a weekly newspaper in Bangladesh as a chief editor and a monthly bi-lingual magazine from the UK, I know precisely the difficulties one would face running the online radio in the UK. At the moment most programmes are recorded but once we get feed back and respond from the user. Then slowly the schedule would change. Who knows, this online radio could be the turning point for others to follow. We need your comments and advices. You can send us emails of your choices of music, drama, debate etc. We also need some advertisements from companies eg. solicitors, travel agents, recruitment agency, restaurants, shops, factories, etc. According to public choices, we would change our programmes/slots. Please tell others to use our online radio ( We constantly monitor your comments. Without your comments we are unable to progress.

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