My Bangla Radio

Q. I can not hear any sound/music.
A. You need latest flash player installed in your PC/Laptop.

Q. I got Nokia phone can I listen My Bangla Radio.
A. You need to install Nokia Internet radio player.

Q. How can I listen to My Bangla Radio in iPhone?
A. You can install Tunein App in you iPhone.

Q. I got Android phone can I listen to My Bangla Radio?
A. You can install Tunein App or just visit My Bangla Radio website.

Q. Apart from My Bangla Radio website, where can I listen to My Bangla Radio.
A. You can listen from various website e.g.,,,,,, & many more. Check link page      for some external websites.

Q. Can I download any of the music playing in My Bangla Radio.
A. We dont support or encourage dounloading music. We always request or encourage to buy      Original CD / DVD from shops. This is to support the respective singer or musician &/ to hear      the best quality.

Q. Can I send my own song / story / chat show to My Bangla Radio?
A. This is your radio station, we like to hear from you. So, send your song in mp3 format. If it is playable we will play it.

Q. How can I contact My Bangla Radio?

A. You can contact via Email:
    Tel: +442081800911,+447951369408 Skype: hamahfuz

Q. Do My Bangla Radio have Facebook or Twetter page.
A. Yes we have a Facebook & Twetter page.

Q. Can I join My Bangla Radio?
A. Ofcourse you can. At this moment we only offering volenteer position only, as we are not      commercial radio. If situation arise, preference will given to people who are already involve      even only involve for giving advice.

Q. I like to give my songs / program to MBR, will I get any royality?
A. Sorry, at this moment we are not offering any royality.

Q. How can I support My Bangla Radio?
A. You can support us by giving your personal or commercial advt. e.g. random times (4-5 times)      for a month only 10.

Q. Free Advertisement in My Bangla Radio.
A. Yes, no string or hiddent cost. If you have any audio adversisement you can send us in mp3     format we will play it for one month from 16th December 2012 till 15th January 2013. Its one     of offer. If you like to continue you need to contact us, before 7th January 2013 or we will     delete the content.

Q. Can I be a reporter for My Bangla Radio News?
A. Yes. Send your CV & send us your sample news. So, we will allocate time & instruction. For  details please contact us.

Q. What type of stream use ?
A. My Bangla Radio use Icecast server for it's streaming & the streaming url -.

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